Black Wrinkled Prune Olive Oven Dried

COVER-Black Wrinkled Prune Olive Oven Dried


It is a large olive, shrivelled in coarse sea salt and additionally treated with mild heat. It has a distinctive mild olive taste and it is almost unsalted (less than 1% salt).


Energy 197kcal/824kJ

Total Fat 12.1g / Of which Saturates 2.3g

Carbohydrates 19.9g / Of which Sugars 3.2g

Proteins 2.1g

Salt 0.55g

OLIVE SIZES (pieces of olives/kg)

Two separate sizes are available:

a. 71-90 p/kg - Atlas

b. 91-110 p/kg - Mammoth / Super Mammoth

oven dried photo.jpg